Friday, February 13, 2015

Baby, We're the New Romantics

If ya haven't figured it out, I'm quoting Taylor here. She definitely has the bon mot for romance - don't believe me? Check out this awesome Buzzfeed "If Taylor Swift Lyrics Were About Henry VII". You're welcome. Her lyrics transpires centuries, hehe

I feel like this skirt empathizes romance: the deep russet red, the long flowy fabric, the pleats and gathers. 
And it certainly goes with new romantics - I don't think the 1st round of old romantics were going around in crop tops and beaded vests (but definitely the 2nd round in the 60's!) And while being romantic obviously goes with this week's theme of Valentine's Day, I think Taylor is more referring to the literary movement of the 19th century - a group of writers, artists and thinkers who believed in true expression of emotions, rebelling aspects of society, finding beauty in all things and going back to nature. To name a few: Lord Byron (free love), Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (humanity v. industry),  John William Waterhouse (beautiful women in natural landscapes). 
Then fast forward and we get the hippies who were inspired by the romantics - which inspired the bohemian style and this specific outfit! Voila! See how I went full cycle there? 

Besides the skirt - which I lurrrve (also see here and here) - I'm obsessed with this sweet little vest - not only is the netting really funky and fun but it's got seed pearls woven into the pattern! With the vest, I'm trying out the "Third Piece Rule" of wearing a 3rd piece that really pulls your whole look together. I read this on Little J Style's blog and thought dangit! Why didn't I think of this? Or at least know about it? It really does make the difference - though it can be hard to do in the tropics. 

So what do you think? Of Taylor? Henry VII? Romanticism? Hippies? The 3rd Piece Rule? 
I bet Henry definitely followed the Third Piece Rule and was all about some free love! 

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