Saturday, April 18, 2015

How to Wear a Boyfriend Shirt

The other day I just couldn't handle my closet. I was just so bored, bored, bored with it. Lord knows why; it's not like I'm not lacking in clothing. But the idea dawned on me to take a gander into someone else's closet. What's the perk of living with someone if you can't peek through their wear-ables every once in a while? 
My eyes alighted on my boyfriend's button-up. I knew it was tight on him so there was a chance it might not swallow me up. And bonus! It had the cool hooks on the sleeves to keep them rolled up. 

When I think of the boyfriend shirt, I automatically go to Song of Style and Sincerely Jules. So I knew I wanted to embody their cool, effortless boyfriend shirt + shorts look. Here's how I think they pull it off and how you can, too! 

1. Wear lots of several pieces of basic but detailed jewelry. Jewelry pulls any look together. Wear simplistic silver jewelry you could get away with saying, "Oh, this ol' thing? Had it forever. Live in it." Jewelry you could have been born in.
2. Sunglasses & a killer bag. First of all, do I even need to explain the worthiness of sunglasses? Everyone - from age 2 to 87 - looks badass in a pair of shades. And a great leather purse keeps the outfit polished unlike a traditional backpack or canvas tote bag. 
3. Casual & comfortable footwear. Not that you couldn't wear heels with any of these outfits but what's the fun of wearing a comfy, baggy boyfriend top and chill jean shorts if you weren't at ease walking around? 
4. Own the shit out of your outfit. In my boyfriend's own words, "You cheated. That's not fair. You just put a belt on everything and then, poof! You have an outfit?" I feel most comfortable accenting my waist. That's what's works for me. So naw, I didn't cheat. I just beat the system. ;-)

There are only a bizillion other ways to style a button-up or your favorite fella's finery. How would you  wear it? 

Shorts: H&M | Shirt: Plato's Closet | Shoes: Rack Room | Earrings: Lovisa | Bag: Korean Thrift Store | Belt: Goodwill

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  1. Hello, i'm Antonio from Italia.
    I'm totally mad about PLIAD.

    You're so beautiful and charming woman. Your face is so sweet..AmaZing ;)

    Do you like plaid shirts too?

    Tanx a lot


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