Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Fresh Fruity Pickin's

It's so much fun noticing a trend from the inside out, sorta speak. I've been reading Style Feed, a book about popular bloggers (although it was published back in 2011 which is ancient in the fashion blogger world!) And the author, Susie Bubble, talks about the push and pull of fashion - where do some trends originate from: the streets or the catwalk? 

I started to notice a trend of fruit fashion in a lot of my favorite fashion bloggers so I immediately assumed that it was going to be a big trend this year that everyone had known about but me. So I jumped on google ready to see all the fantastic runway photos with fruits blazing from Cara Delevingne's chest. Couldn't find any except for ones from Spring 2011 (how did I not know that was a trend then?!?!) Which leads to me to think... maybe the fashion bloggers are reviving this trend for 2014...? I also struggled to find a cornucopia of fruit fashion to pick from a wide range of online sites. Although, slowly but surely things are starting to pop up. Modcloth is leading the way on this one which makes sense, being that they are lovers of novelty items and prints. I've also had my eye on an adorable banana tote bag at H&M. 

Regardless of where it started this time around, I couldn't be more pleased! I want all the watermelon, cherries, apples, pears, peaches, and bananas I can squeeze into my closet! What do you think of fruit fashion? 

And here's my own growing collection, as seen from instagram! The strawberry earrings are actually my mom's from the 80's. :) 

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