Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Mall Bohemian

Singapore is full of malls, malls, and more malls. Everything is in the mall - the post office, the library, hair salons, massage parlors, dentists... When the weather is hot, humid and rainy year round, Singaporeans want to escape into the cool breeze of the aircon. In fact, there are three malls just near my work alone. And it's t-r-o-u-b-l-e. When I pop in to grab some lunch, I'm always  eyeing something I want. As a shopping addict, Singapore is a big candy store for me and it's so hard to say no! 

Luckily for me, I'm also a frugal spender. I kept visiting this dress and hemming and hawing about the $25 price tag (which is silly, I know. It's not that much but hey, things can add up quickly when you live in the most expensive city in the world!) Finally, I just had to buy it. 

Especially when one of this spring's trends is bohemian. After seeing Modcloth's instagram, Forever 21's instagram, and Free People I just had to jump on board, too. I threw on all my turquoise jewelry (can't get enough of it!) brown belt, flower in my hair and voila! Pretty dern easy. The cool thing about this dress is because it's white it's duh-obviously so versatile. My bf said the dress looked Great Gasby-esque, too. Might be giving that style a go for next time! 

What are your favorite trends this spring?

Dress: Cache Cache | Shoes, Belt, Most Jewelry: Thrift Store | Wooden Necklace: Handmade | Thin Rings: H&M | Turquoise Ball Necklace: Thailand | Flower Pin: H&M

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  1. The dress is fantastic <3 Beautiful lace details!

    - Anna


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