Friday, March 6, 2015

Birthday Girl

It was my birthday on Tuesday and I must say, it was a pretty special day! I'm a very lucky girl woman (I am 29 now after all). My boss had a candle with a huge piece of strawberry cake (Mmmmmm!) and she whispered to all the kids to make sure and tell me happy birthday and how pretty I was. Not gonna lie, I'll take any cheap hit at my ego, haha! I thought it was so very sweet. 
After work I was supposed to meet all my friends out for a nightcap or two-ish… at this inexpensive, great place (we're teachers that live in the most expensive city in the world; these prerequisites are imparative) but the place had closed down last week! Bummer, man. So we moved just decided to move the festivities to my place for simplicity's sake. Even with the hiccup, everyone came with such great energy and I ended up having a great night dishing with my pals. It can be hard being away from home on special days like birthdays so I feel so blessed to have people here that make being an expat fun. 

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