Thursday, March 5, 2015

Gong Xi Fat Cai

Chinese New Year was a couple weeks ago and with the huge Chinese population (some are directly from China - called "Mainland" - others are of Chinese descent) in Singapore, I've been able to learn a bit about this important holiday. 
Chinese New Year is a big deal and Singapore gears up for it for weeks - there's lion dances in all the shopping malls, lanterns are hung, horoscopes predicting the next year are posted up, massive spring cleaning is underfoot, and mandarins are piled up waiting to be bought. 
For three days, families go all over the island visiting friends and family. They bring two mandarins for good luck and when they leave the house, they have to take two as well. The married adults give children ang pao - little red (or in my case, pink) envelopes filled with money. It is three days filled with good food (I've been nibbling on the left-over Chinese sweets at work all week!), good company and good wishes for the upcoming year. 

This outfit is my nod to Singaporean Chinese New Year. This top I found at my local thrift store and I cannot get over how adorable it is - it's got the cheongsam look with the high collar and chinese knot buttons - but with red polka dots!
I stuck on my chili crab pin I bought at the National Museum of Singapore. Chili crab is a national favorite dish. The best way I can describe is that it's crab with spicy spaghetti sauce covering it and served with delicious rolls to dip into the sauce. Mmmm! 
I got this beautiful red wrap skirt at Goodwill and immediately noticed the lovely high quality of it. It fit like a dream and I found the ribbon-tie detail so endearing. Wearing the lucky color red, I'm armed with the good luck of next year!  

Shirt: New2U Thift | Skirt: Goodwill (old Ann Taylor)
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