Thursday, June 5, 2014

Happy as a Lark

We checked out the Jurong Bird Park a few weeks ago, further continuing our Singapore staycation. We were probably more excited than neccesary because we viewed this as a recon-research mission. Our group of friends back in Korea we had nicknamed the "Birds of War" and every member was a bird that matched their personality. The pathetic part (besides grown-ups pretending their animals) was that our knowledge of birds was very limited.  Not to mention, my boyfriend insisted I was a turkey or chicken (isn't he sweet?) while I was adamant that I was definitely a peacock. Luckily, we found a bird for me that we both agreed on: starlings - amethyst starling to be exact. They are the most vibrantly colored purple bird I have ever seen. 

And of course, when one goes to the bird park, one must wear their bird dress! This print is so much fun because from far away it just looks like a geometric print but at closer examination, it's actually a big ol' flock of birds! Not to mention its fit is sublime and it's probably the most perfect dress I have for this kind of heat; the perfect amount of lady-like coverage without too much fabric. Also to hide the effects of heat, I threw my new thrifted scarf in my hair and secured it with another bow. 


Scarlet Ibis

Common Crowned Pigeon
Dress: Modcloth | Sunglasses: Modcloth | Shoes: Cotton On | Scarf: Gap (Thrifted) | Jewelry: Lovisa | Belt: Target 

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