Thursday, June 19, 2014

Lunch by the Canal

I was having a blah kinda bad day yesterday and the best way I decided to handle it was to watch a bunch of Orange is the New Black episodes (not a bad way to deal, I think!) Stephen is in an intensive master's program and so every moment he's got he's usually studying. But when he saw me in my blah funk, he said, "If you can get ready in 20 minutes, do you want to go eat Mexican at Clark Quay?" Mission accepted! 

I swept my hair up in my Panama hat from H&M and threw on my new dress from my recent trip to Bali (stay tuned for most posts - I need to comb through all my photos!) Some of the shopping kind be quite intensive at the street vendors in Bali. I had a lady grab me once when I walked away uninterested. There's just so many vendors that competition is steep. I ended up being talked into this dress (I'm a terrible haggler and a sucker for new pretty things, obviously). But once I got home and got the chance to really try it on, I'm quite charmed and pleased by the purchase! First of all, I'm am currently obsessed with anything blue and white - I think it looks so crisp and chic for summer. And secondly - the embroidery and peak-a-boo waist line! The detail is so beautiful. 

We had a yummy lunch on the canal, snapped a few shots, and then we dashed back so Stephen could get back to the grind. What did you do on your day off?

Dress: Bali | Hat: H&M | Flip Flops: Rubi Shoes (Cotton On) | Bracelet: Gift | Sunglasses: H&M


  1. that dress is insanely beautiful! I think it was a great purchase! can't wait to see your pictures of Bali, I would love to go there someday.

    I've been having a bit of a "blah" time myself, and I too have been watching a TON of Orange is the New Black! I'm kind of addicted. it's something interesting on my not-so-interesting days.

  2. Omg, you're right! Haha. <3 The only difference is that your dress is way better than mine! The details are stunning!

    - Anna


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