Friday, June 6, 2014

India, Ecuador, and Deck 4

I love love love love love LOVE this shirt. I wish I had bought a bazillion more. I wear it all the time because it's so perfect: it's super comfortable and such a bright, happy pink with beautiful gold embroidery. Just gorgeous. It's also this light weight material that keeps me warm or cool; I especially wear this shirt on airplanes. 

I bought it in India, which is one more reason why I love it. My favorite travel souvenirs are things I can wear and every time I do, I think about that trip. Our India trip holds a special place in my heart because it's was Stephen and my 1st trip together. We had been dating a month when he asked me to go with him. I thought he was crazy but luckily, one of my friends convinced me I would be insane to turn down this opportunity. We had lots of ups and downs while traveling in India but that trip was what solidified our relationship. 

I'm also wearing my Flips Bare shoes which are very obviously inspired by Ecuadorian textiles. I did my student teaching in Ecuador and had the time of my life. It's my ultimate goal to take Stephen there and show him all my favorite places. So of course, when I saw these shoes I had to have them. Added bonus: they are so comfortable! And while talking about Ecuador, I'm wearing my Panama hat to hide the fact that I badly in need of a haircut. Did you know that Panama hats are actually originally from Ecuador?

I wore this outfit to my French class tonight. I took these photos in the parking deck to escape from the summer showers. Can you tell how utterly humid it is? I'm soaking through my shirt. But hey! The consolation price of Singapore heat is that I actually have tan legs! (I mean, tan for me). 

What souvenirs have you picked up on your trips?

Shirt: India | Shorts: Charlotte Russe (old) | Shoes: Flips Bare (Mustafa's) | Hat & Sunglasses: Bugis | Bracelet Party: Lovisa & Borneo 


  1. Beautiful mix in prints <3 Super cute shoes! Great photos!

    - Anna

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