Tuesday, September 24, 2013

This Is As Close As I'm Getting To The Camo Trend This Year

I think this look comes off as very military-inspired which wasn't my intention. But somehow this outfit just came together organically (I love when that happens). When I first got this vest at a clothing swap, I wasn't exactly sold on it. I had no idea how to stylize it. But I'm glad I got it now. This dress is just way too tight to do anything but have a hot date or a night on the town. But throw on the vest and it covers up the booty perfectly. 

And speaking of military looks, let's talk camo. My well-dressed man-friend and I were hanging out this past weekend and HE was the one who noticed all the camo prints walking past (Koreans tend to be extremely fashionable). Kudos for him for picking up on the trend because I had no idea until he opened my eyes to it. Personally, I can't stand camo print. Maybe it's because I'm from Georgia where the camo you see tends to be on Duck Dynasty-looking guys. But who knows? I usually favor very feminine looks and I'm pretty crazy about the military look I'm wearing. Maybe I'll eventually give in to the camo trend. Below I have pictures of the two camo looks that I think do work beautifully. 

What about you? Camo: nay or yay?

Dress: Forever 21 (Clothing Swap) | Vest: Armani Exchange (Clothing Swap) | Shoes: Guess | Earrings: Premier Designs  

Two Camo Looks That I Like:

Also, if you live in South Korea, get a lil' culture in. I will be participating in my 3rd art show in 2 weeks! Come check me and my talented friends, enjoy sparkling conversation, delicious drinks and the feeling of pretending to be a grown-up. 

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