Sunday, September 1, 2013

Lady in Red

I went to a friend's wedding in the Korean countryside today. I got all dolled up curling my hair and wearing 10 pounds of make-up, all for naught. It was so humid that the curl fell and I sweated my face off. At least I had such a bright-colored dress, so I guess it didn't really matter. Technically, I think I'm breaking three rules here: 1) redheads shouldn't wear red, 2) as a shorter, rounder person, you shouldn't wear a lot of volume, and 3) you shouldn't pair red with pink lipstick. First of all, wearing red while being a redhead makes me feel like I'm Melisandre, the red witch from Game of Thrones which is a really fun, powerful feeling (watch out!) Secondly, this fabric moves so beautifully that I feel graceful, regardless of how puffy it might make me look. And third, this dress was  4,000 (about $4) at a Korean thrift store! I think that means it should go with just about anything I want it to. 
What are some of your favorite fashion "rules" to break?

Dress: Korean Thrift store | Belt: Eunhang Underground | Shoes: Target | Watch: Citizen eco-drive | Necklace: Naughty Cat | Earrings: gift | Sunglasses: Eunhang Underground

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