Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Riot in London Town (Or Just A Night Of Dancing)

I wasn't planning on going out last night. I was lazy in bed watching Golden Girls. But my boyfriend called and convinced me to get off my butt. I'm glad I did because we ended up going to a new(ish) place that played great hip-hop music. We danced most of the night. Because it was a last minute thing, I threw this on and was out the door in 20 minutes. It helped that I didn't have to do much of my hair or make-up. I've been wearing my hair in a bun the past couple days because I've been deep conditioning it with coconut oil. And like I mentioned before, I can't wear eye make-up because of my eye surgery so smooth skin, strong brows, and a bright lipstick; a 5-minute-face and I was out the door! 

I really liked this outfit because I felt put-together and sexy but comfortable. Casual yet appropriate for going out.  The shirt shows off my shoulders and is just the right amount of looseness to balance out my super-tight skinny jeans. I wore my pointy-toe shoes to lengthen my legs. A triangle-shaped toe gives me the illusion of a couple more inches to my legs. Also, I like those shoes because it shows off what I call "toe cleavage" - I think it's cute. Am I the only one...? To finish it all off, I threw some sparkle on my ears and ran out the door. 

What's your favorite outfit to throw on and run out the door? Leave your comments below! :)


  1. Lindsey your figure is sick!! love this outfit love

  2. I love your earrings! This is such a chic and casual look! You look great! <3

    - Anna

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