Sunday, September 15, 2013

Colorblocking Curves

Colorblocking is one of my favorite things in fashion. It's simple and easy but makes an outfit chic and interesting. So what is colorblocking? Basically, it's just wearing multiple solid colors. It can be as easy as wearing a colorblock dress or even an outfit, pairing colored pants or skirt with a different color top. Colorblock dresses are so great because they are easy to throw on but oh, so flattering. The dark color on the outside of this dress is slimming and the band emphasizes my small waist. And I love the navy and white combination - it's so crisp and fresh-looking. Of course, I prayed the white-wearers prayer, "Please, don't let me get anything on this! Especially my bum!" I was nervous wearing it on the bus but luckily nothing happened. But I did have my Tide pen in my purse, just in case (never leave home without it!) 

The other great thing about colorblocking is that the variety is endless! Below are five of examples of adorable colorblock dresses. 

Dress: Calvin Klein (Ross) | Shoes: Chinese Laundry (Goodwill) | Necklace: India | Earrings: Cambodia | Bracelet: Gift 

3. Express
5. H&M


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  2. Lindsey, love your blog! Also, this dress is very cute and looks great on you! You look like you know just how to color block for your curves. Great job with this. keep it up! I love to read your posts!

  3. Thanks, Andrea! I'm so happy to hear you're reading it! :)


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