Monday, September 23, 2013

Cheating Fall: Creating an Autumn Outfit with Summer Clothes

I'm dying to wear fall clothing because I'm getting bored with my summer ones but the weather isn't cooperating.  So I decided to cheat a little and wear summer pieces that are in fall colors. I kind of think the outfit turned out to be a little 90's-inspired but maybe I've just been watching too much Friends circa '94. What I really love about this outfit is how high waisted the skirt is and the blousey-ness of the top. I wasn't really crazy about this top before because I didn't think it was very flattering (it's a really boxy cut) but with the high-waist and the narrowness of the skirt, I like it a lot more. 

I grabbed my leather jacket on the way out because it's started to turn cool in the evenings. I loooove this jacket. I bought it in Coticachi, Ecuador back in university when I was doing a study abroad program. I got it for $60! Coticachi is famous for its' leather products. Streets after streets of knock-out prices on anything made out of leather. We were only given 30 minutes to check out everything which would give any fashionista a heart attack! 30 minutes is definitely not enough time to get your attack down, check out all the styles, prices, and then haggle. Some how I managed to get this by literally running into stores looking for the perfect motorcycle jacket. Luckily for me, the oxblood color is still on trend. 

Top: Forever 21 (Clothing Swap) | Skirt: Goodwill | Jacket: Ecuador | Shoes: DSW (Similar) | Jewelry: Thrift Store | Sunglasses: Eunhang Underground


  1. A perfect leather jacket adds just the right touch of class & empowerment!

  2. I totally agree with you, Briana! Who doesn't feel more powerful in some good leather?
    Iris, thank you!!


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