Sunday, September 8, 2013

Stripes on Stripes on Stripes (And Other Patterns)

For years I've shied away from horizontal stripes. They're supposed to make you look wider and why would anyone want to look wider, right? But I couldn't stay away from the nautical stripe trend. It makes an outfit more fresh, modern, and casual. And after seeing GabiFresh and Tanesha from Girl with Curves (both who I oh so LOVE) looking so gorgeous and curvaceous in their horizontal stripes, I had officially changed my mind.

I think the smart way to wear horizontal stripes has to do with proportion. I think if the skirt I'm wearing was longer or fuller, it wouldn't have worked. It would have made me appear larger than I actually am. But between the short skirt showing off my legs and the tight sleeves on the shirt, it kind of proves that there's not an entire blob underneath the stripes.

Stripes are also fun to match with other patterns. I would say as long as the colors match, it doesn't matter which print you choose. I'm actually wearing a dress underneath my Gap t-shirt. Besides the stripes, another reason why I love this shirt is the fit. I think most loose-fitting shirts look stupid on me. But this one has an effortless fit that just skims over my curves instead of hiding them. And the last detail I'm so pleased with is the necklace. I made this last winter and it matches my skirt/dress perfectly! 

Shirt: Gap (American Goodwill) | Skirt (dress): Target | Shoes: Target | Watch: It's About Time | Ring: Premier Design Jewelry | Necklace: Handmade | Sunglasses: Eunhang Underground 

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