Monday, October 20, 2014

Paloma Faith

Lazer cut crop top. 
Matching separates. 
Hot pink high-waisted swim suit. 
Thick maid braids with hot pink. 
Cabbage Flowers. 
Massive gold hoops. 
Hot pink socks with heels. 
Oh, and that voice. 
I am obsessed with this song and video. Mostly because of her outfit. I want it. I wanna wear it. I have no idea WHERE I would wear it but that's not really the point of fashion, now is it? 
Luckily, the song's really catchy, too. 
And like I said, her voice. 
I then went through the maze of youtube videos and her other videos, other songs, and other outfits are just as much to die for. Jackpot! 

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