Friday, October 31, 2014

Coco Chanel, The Witch of Fashion

Halloween falls on a busy work day for me this year and I haven't had a great track record this year with holidays so I didn't go all out like I normally do. But I couldn't just do nothing rien. Easiest thing in the world - grab your little black dress and classic witch hat et voila! It was so much fun to go retro and put on this looker; I got this dress at the thrift store and if it isn't the most flattering thing I own. I love the midi-length and that everything is so very covered up but sexy at the same time. And it's so stretchy and comfy. Parfait! Don some drop-pearl earrings, classic vintage make-up and these killer cat-eye sunglasses and I got myself a Chanel-esque witch. (or maybe Audrey-ish?) 
What'd you wear for Halloween this year? 

My fake store front in Chinatown. If you come into the back, I'll show you my bubbling caldron full of Chanel N°5! 


  1. I think this outfit is very flattering and beautiful on you. The Classy costume all women should be going for on Halloween. Perfect! And who doesn't love a not "all out" costume that pulls together perfectly. I give this one 10 scary boos!

  2. You're Jessica Lange in American Horror Story Season 3! Lovely costume! Happy Halloween!

  3. Omg that hat! This is perfect. I love outfits that are practical, but still fit a theme without looking too costume-y. Seriously, though, that hat. I would wear it like alllll the time. :D

    - Anna


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