Thursday, October 2, 2014

Slip into Something Cool

I've been wanting to wear this slip out for about… oh, forever. Maybe it was the rectification of the 90's but I felt like the need to wear this slip out in public has been stronger than ever lately. But here's the catch: I felt I had to style it to look casual and effortless, not fussy and old lady-ish. Easy peasy, I though. Wrong. The length is actually just a smidge too long for my short frame and everything just looked off. I was going for "oh, this old thing?" and instead it looked like I was trying too much. How in the world does someone succeed in the "throwing this thing on because I can't be bothered"? 

Either way, I found this slip at a Korean thrift store. Did you notice the butterfly lace appliqué on my leg…? Like I mentioned, it's a little too long, so I knew it would look better hiked up a bit with a belt (obviously, my go-to). I decided to go with my favorite brown woven belt. I've always heard folks saying, "You can't wear brown with black! You just can't!" It's one of my favorite things to do. I think by pairing brown with black, it instantly and easily changes an outfit that could become so dressy into something casual. I feel as long as your accessories don't clash, pairing black and brown together is fair game; they both in the neutral family, after all. I threw this fantastic military-istic jacket I got at a clothing swap with the outfit to perfect the toned-down vibe of the outfit.
What do you think - ready to wear your nighties as day wear?

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  1. I love this casual cool look! It's perfect for a busy Saturday running errands. And I agree! Brown and black are great together. Also, gold and silver :)


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